Sunday, June 16, 2013

Alabama United Sacred Harp Musical Association, "The Last Words of Copernicus"

Gets me every fucking time, too. 

Ye golden lamps of Heav'n farewell,
   With all your feeble light;
Farewell thou ever changing moon,
  Pale empress of the night.
And thou refulgent orb of day,
   In brighter flames array'd;
My soul which springs beyond thy sphere
  No more demands thy aid.

Ye stars are but the shining dust
   Of my divine abode,
The pavements of those heavenly courts,
  Where I shall see my God.
The Father of eternal light
   Shall there his beams display;
Nor shall one moment's darkness mix
  With that unvaried day.
No more the drops of piercing grief
  Shall swell into my eyes;
Nor the meridian sun decline,
  Amidst those brighter skies.
There all the millions of his saints
  Shall in one song unite;
And each the bliss of all shall view
   With infinite delight.

And check out this experiment in echo I performed on the song.

Found out today by chance that there's a church that sacred harp singing right down the street from me. 

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