Friday, February 14, 2014

Interplanetary Interlude #12: The Triumph of Perversity


1. How Fucking Romantic- Magnetic Fields
2. Maria- Hampton Grease Band
3. Cum in My Mouth- Tobie Columbus
4. Shave 'em Dry- Lucille Bogan
5. Rated X- Loretta Lynn
6. Whips and Things- David Allan Coe
7. Oh Bondage Up Yours!- X-Ray Spex
8. Sex Bomb- Flipper [edit]
9. Lola- The Raincoats
10. Jet Boy Jet Girl- Elton Motello
11. The Hyperemiator- Tuli Kupferberg
12. Pornoshop- Sun City Girls
13. When I'm Fucking- The Poetics
14. Sappho's Hymn to Aphrodite- The Fugs
15. Kiss of Flesh- The Residents

Download Interlude 12!

Another filthy set of songs about fucking for Valentine's Day. Check out last year's set of smut if you're the insatiable type.