Sunday, November 24, 2013

Episode #18: Foreverfloating

This is the epicsode I was planning for Interplanetary Music's first anniversary, but we're, ahem, a little behind schedule. Space travel is timeconsuming you understand. Fair warning, this is 5 hours long. 5 hours of brilliance and glory.

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1. Ladies and Gentlemen We are Floating in Space- Spiritualized
2. Clouds- The Stark Reality
3. Variations on Canon in D Major: 1) Fulness of Wind  2) French Catalogues- Brian Eno
4. Untitled 1- Love Cult
5. Rhubarb- Aphex Twin
6. Soliloquies for Lonely Suburbs- Jacques de Villiers
7. Djed- Tortoise
8. Some Things Cosmic- Angel Olsen
9. Lullaby- Raymond Scott
10. Peace Piece- Bill Evans
11. Gymnopedie #1- Erik Satie
12. Fingerbib- Aphex Twin
13. Wonder Wheel- Future Home
14. To the Shore- Flying Saucer Attack
15. Drifting Concepts- Glaze of Cathexis
16. Pluto the Planet- Mary Lattimore
17. Deep Blue Day- Brian Eno
18. Cloud Song- The United States of America
19. Little Miss Echo- Raymond Scott
20. Dreams of Ai- Paneye
21. Spiritual- Tom Verlaine
22. The Sky is Bleeding- Maxim Engl
23. Catatonia- Techno Animal
24. Variations on Canon in D Major: 3) Brutal Ardour- Brian Eno
25. Disintegration Loop 1.1- William Basinski