Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Episode #5: Avant Garage: The Pere Ubu Story, 1974-1982


1. Sonic Reducer- Rocket from the Tombs
2. 30 Seconds Over Tokyo/Satisfaction- Rocket from the Tombs
3. What Love Is- Rocket from the Tombs
4. Heart of Darkness (Demo)- Pere Ubu
5. Heart of Darkness- Pere Ubu
6. Final Solution- Pere Ubu
7. Cloud 149- Pere Ubu
8. Heaven- Pere Ubu
9. Humor Me- Pere Ubu
10. Street Waves- Pere Ubu
11. Modern Dance- Pere Ubu
12. Over My Head- Pere Ubu
13. Chinese Radiation- Pere Ubu
14. On the Surface- Pere Ubu
15. Dub Housing- Pere Ubu
16. Navvy- Pere Ubu
17. Caligari's Mirror- Pere Ubu
18. Small Was Fast- Pere Ubu
19. Jehovah's Kingdom Come- Pere Ubu
20. The Voice of the Sand- Pere Ubu
21. Misery Goats- Pere Ubu
22. Horses- Pere Ubu
23. The Vulgar Boatman Bird- Pere Ubu
24. Big Ed's Used Farms- Pere Ubu
25. Thoughts That Go by Steam- Pere Ubu

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Thursday, September 6, 2012


This is a really wonderful documentary, not only because it is a tribute to music that I love (however dubious it is as a "genre"), but because it shows how important music can be in healing a culture.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

This is Bach's "Crab Canon," basically a musical palindrome. Sometimes I hear people call music from the 1950's and earlier "old." My response (in my head, mostly) is always, "You're kidding, right?" I did a brief series on modern versions of Bach  on my old blog.