Friday, June 7, 2013

Interplanetary Interlude #8: Songs of Innoncence


1. The Boo Boo Song- King Coleman
2, Shortnin' Bread- The Ready Men
3. Chicken Licken- Okie Duke
4. Animal Kingdom- The Meat Puppets
5. King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Me-O- Chubby Parker
6. Froggy Went a Courting- Danny Dell
7. Effervescing Elephant- Syd Barrett
6. Lonesome Cowboy Dave- Pere Ubu
7. Shaggy Dog- Mickey Lee Lane
8. Bullfrog Hop- Nervous Norvus
9. Since I Lost My Tooth- Daniel Johnston
10. Bike- The Pink Floyd
11. Cuckoo- The Monks
12. Bubbles- The Free Design
13. My Pal Foot Foot- The Shaggs
14. O Frabjous Day! (The Jabberwock)- Harry Partch
15. Jabberwocky- The Bards
16. Time for Bed/I Know You'll Do Well- The Apples in Stereo
17. Put a Straw Under Baby- Brian Eno

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