Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Interplanetary Halloween Special #3: Danse Macabre


1. Season of the Witch- Donovan
2. The Witch- The Sonics
3. She's My Witch [Edit]- Kip Tyler
4. I'd Rather Be Burned as a Witch- Eartha Kitt
5. Werewolf- Frantics
6. Reality of Air-Fried Borsk- Driving Stupid
7. Scream- Ralph Nielsen & the Chancellors
8. Vampire Victim- Old Time Relijun
9. Beware- Bill Buchanan
10. Chain Saw- The Ramones
11. The Blob- Five Blobs

[Transmission from Saturn]

12. Atrocity Exhibition- Joy Division
13. Bela Lugosi's Dead- Bauhaus
14. Dub Housing- Pere Ubu
15. Owner's Lament- Scratch Acid
16. We Will Make You One of Us- The Paper Chase
17. Utrenja (Excerpt)- Krzystof Penderecki
18. Red Eyes, Noose, and Goad- Harappian Night Recordings
19. Musique Barbare- Karel Appel
20. Graveyard- Butthole Surfers
21. Six More Miles to the Graveyard- The Residents

[Transmission from Saturn]

22. Masked Ball- Jocelyn Pook
23. Black Mass (Electric Storm in Hell)- White Noise
24. My Wall- Sunn O))) & Julian Cope
25. The Conqueror Worm- Lou Reed & Willem Defoe
26. Witch Hunt Through Haunted Woods- Zombie Battle Axe
27. The Devil Rides Out- Fantomas
28. Night on Bald Mountain [Edit]- Modest Mussorgsky
29. Crepuscule- Kaada/Patton
30. Suspiria- Goblin
31. Danse Macabre- Celctic Frost
32. Final Flight- Michael Small

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