Friday, February 15, 2013

That's My Bag: Kewl Music People Buying Kewl Music

Ok, music nerds, it's test time:

1. How much do you want to know what the people you listen to like to listen to?
2. Have you heard or heard of all of these artists?

Let's do this.

First up, Yo La Tengo. You definitely want to know what records they buy, right? Ira: Two words in compilation records are go-to words: "psychedelic" & "boogaloo." No doubt. Interplanetary Music is now definitely interested in Mary Halvorson. That shits sounds like my bag for sure.

Next, Lee Renaldo, the George Harrison of Sonic Youth. Like I'm supposed to believe he needs to buy a copy of No New York?

Johnny Marr. Now, I have to say I've never been very into the Smiths (I prefer Joy Division and the early Cure as far as that mopey 80's stuff goes). Nevertheless, Marr's selections show him to be a man after my own heart. Morricone, McLaughlin, Wire, Emerson, Huxley: I likes it!

J.G. Thirwell. I have to admit, he's putting all kinds of shame in my game. I've heard very few of these artists, and he's definitely making me want to get more experimental. A balls-to-the-wall avant-garde Interplanetary episode is in the works, space friends!

Questlove, featuring His Hair Pick. Rick James, Jackson 5, uh huh. Todd Solondz? Takashi Miike? And who wouldn't want to hear Rick James' Pet Sounds?

The Meat Puppets, one of my favorite bands, and coincidentally they've bought the most music by artists played on Interplanetary Music. Ligeti! The Fall! The Boredoms!

DJ Bonebrake, drummer for X. My favorite of his picks is Red Norvo (Vibes, Xylophone, Marimba). I discovered Red by going through the substantial Jazz section of the SLC city library.

The Slits, fantastic reggae-influenced British postpunk band. I love all their choices. Kudos to singer Ari Up for saying that Hole ripped them off. Also I think the drummer is really cute.

DJ Qbert likes trippy shit, especially anything space-related. Nuff said.

I don't like Oasis. I'm posting this one for two reasons: 1. Noel Gallagher is about to discover how amazing David Axelrod is. 2. That Can anthology he's buying is not a good one. It has edits of "Halleluwah" and "Mother Sky." It cuts out the drum solo in the latter. These are epochal, life-changing songs. You don't want an edited version of them.

Cat Power likes her music soulful. No surprise there.

Henry Rollins. That Jokers album looks pretty sweet. Iranian heavy psych: gimmie gimmie gimme!

Acid Mothers Temple buy exotic music. On cassette.

Afrika Bambaataa. I love what he has to say about radio.

Now, if there's a series like this for books, someone let me know.

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