Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Interplanetary Interlude #2: Songs About Fucking

Hey everyone, it's an Interplanetary Valentine's Day episode! For all of you who aren't getting laid this year, and for you weirdos who want to listen to crazy porno rock while you're getting laid, here's a batch of songs about fucking (nod to Big Black). The following is vulgar, sleazy, juvenile, too weird to be erotic, objectifies women, and doesn't make men look too great either. Is it satirical? Is it anti-love and pro sex? Is it slyly anti-sex, betraying a Swiftian horror of the human body? You be the judge! Remember kids, pussy stinks, but so does marijuana. 


1. Don't Fuck Around with Love- The Blenders
2. Little Girl- John & Jackie
3. Slip It In- Black Flag
4. Tastebuds- The King Khan & BBQ Show
5. I Love It- Zeno Tornado
6. Come Together- MC5
7. Hot Freaks- Guided By Voices
8. Personal Blowjob- Sun City Girls
9. Under the Wires- The Cramps
10. Love Comes in Spurts- Richard Hell & the Voidoids
11. Adult Books- X
12. Premarital Sex- Daniel Johnston
13. Pussy Stank- Andre Williams
14. Shake That Thing- Hasil Adkins
15. Full Grown- The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
16. Fuckin' in the Butt- David Allan Coe
17. Je T'aime . . . Moi Non Plus- Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg
18. Halfway to a Threeway- Jim O'Rourke

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