Saturday, January 26, 2013

Episode #14: Mighty Shocks of Riddim


1. The Mummy's Shroud- Scientist
2. The Alien Aborts- Roots Radics
3. King Tubby's Borderline Dub- Augustus Pablo & King Tubby
4. Liquid Serenade- The Upsetters
5. Shocks of Mighty- Dave Barker
6. Crabs in My Pants- Dillinger
7. Space Flight- I-Roy
8. Lee Perry Upsetting Dub- Lee "Scratch" Perry
9. Whole Lotta Love- The Dynamics
10. African Dub- The Silvertones
11. King Stereo Gav Dub- King Tubby Meets Roots Radics
12. Sir Niney's Rock- Niney the Observer
13. Upset Dub- Vinyl Minestrone (?)
14. Funky Punk- Dillinger
15. Freedom Dub- The Upsetters
16. Love and Devotion- The Upsetters
17. Woman's Gotta Have It- Jimmy Riley
18. Enter the Dragon- The Upsetters
19. Miss Know It all- Scientist
20. Storming the Death Star- Roots Radics
21. King Tubby's Rock on Time Dub- Augustus Pablo & King Tubby
22. Talk About It- The Mighty Diamonds
23. Right Road to Dubland- Jahlights
24. Rainy Night Dub- Lee "Scratch" Perry & Watty Burnett

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  1. I really like the image you picked for this episode, well done!

  2. Well done yourself, this is a great episode!