Friday, May 29, 2015

Interplanetary Interlude #17: Shine in Shadow Rest in Flame


1. Khan el Khalili- Agitation Free
2. Drowning in Light- Abunai!
3. They Dated Steadily- Mink Mussel Creek
4. Sleepy Silver Door- Dead Meadow
5. Burning Off Impurities- Grails
6. April Fool$- Guardian Alien
7. Amboss- Ash Ra Tempel

Download Interlude #17!

There will be heavy guitars. There will be 13 minute songs. There will be no lyrics. Have a nice trip.

Agitation Free's 1972 debut album Malesch drew upon the band's travels in Egypt, Greece, and Cyprus, and you can hear one of their field recordings breaking into the end of "Khan el Khalili." Tapping into non-western modes and melodies is hardly a new idea for psychedelic rock, but on Malesch these aspects are neatly integrated into the band's kraut/prog sound, and not just used an exotic spice like the cornball orientalizing of a lot of 60's pop psychedelia.

Abunai! was directly inspired by Can's approach (jam for breakfast lunch and dinner, record it all, then cut and splice the best bits into a seamless whole (itself inspired by Miles Davis' recording technique to his post-Bitches Brew albums)) to recording Tago Mago, one of my top 5 albums for sure. The result, Round-Wound, is available for name-your-own-price. How nice.

Mink Mussel Creek is not a band I know much about. They are dudes. Australian dudes, I think. They play rock music. Good rock music. The album is Mink Mussel Manticore.

Y'all know Dead Meadow right? Stoner rock? David Simon's nephew? Ok, well listen to "Sleepy Silver Door." Track one from the self-titled debut, back in '00. Good place to start.

Grails hails from Oregon. Experimental, instrumental, heavy metal.

Guardian Alien were nursed by New York City, but have since been given to a one love entity.

Ash Ra Temple brings it all back home, to Germany. Never again would they return to this kind of frenetic freakout. It was pretty much synths and space from there. It took all those other albums to come down from this high.

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