Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Monster Masque: An Interplanetary Music Nightmare

Back from the grave, but not yet out of the crypt. Don't forget to check out last year's horrorshow.


1. It's Halloween- The Shaggs
2. Look Out, There's a Monster Coming- The Bonzo Dog Band
3. Night of the Vampire- The Moontrekkers
4. The Mummy's Bracelet- Lee Ross
5. Flesh That Walks- Savage Republic
6. I Knew a Jew Named Frankenstein- Sun City Girls
7. Werewolf- The Holy Modal Rounders
8. Monster Cocktail- Les Maledictus Sound
9. The Spider and the Fly- Wicked

[Transmission from Saturn]

10. Please, Mr. Gravedigger- David Bowie
11. Crazy Bones- The Four Freshmen
13. Now I'm a Spook- The Spooks
14. Giorno di Neve
15. What's He Building in There?- Tom Waits
16. Jack the Ripper- Screaming Lord Sutch & the Savages
17. Ripper Territory- Whitehouse
18. Son of Sam- The Poetics
19. I Need Your Head- Hasil Adkins
20. Night Stalking- Jealousy

[Transmission from Saturn]

21. Proserpina's Gardens- Magdalena Solis
22. The Closet- Teenage Jesus & the Jerks
23. Excerpt from XS- Rhys Chatham
24. Thriller!- Pere Ubu
25. A Hanging- Swans
26. Triumphatus Sad- Jacula
27. I Wake Up and I See the Face of the Devil- Diamanda Galas
28. La Nina de Hiroshima- Aguaviva
29. Dominus Sathanus- Burzum
30. It took the Night to Believe- Sunn O)))
31. The Sexy Midnight Torture Show- Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation
32. Gate of Solomon (Beast Version)- Beherit
33. Black Magic Rituals and Perversions- Electric Wizard
34. Burn the Flames- Roky Erickson

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