Sunday, May 5, 2013

Interplanetary Interlude #7: Endless and Empty

Good evening Space Cadets! There is a slew of full episodes that should be ready soon, scouts honor. Until then, it's time to turn off your mind, turn off your heart, turn off your soul, and give yourself up to universal and irrevocable entropy with Interlude #7.

First up is Bardo Pond, shoegazing stoners whom we met in episode #13. Next is eclectic postpunkers 23 Skidoo with a track an untitled (or at least I can't find the title) from a live bootleg (found here).  After that is Meat Kiosk, described at Year Zero Records as "an International (Franco-Anglo-Australian) collaborative project, performed over the Interweb," with part 3 of their Ipcress Symphony. We end it all with a live performance by Nadja.


1. Montana Sacra ii- Bardo Pond
2. ?- 23 Skidoo
3. Resistance Through Pain- Meat Kiosk
4. The Bungled & the Botched (Live)- Nadja

Download Interlude #7!

The Bungled & The Botched (Nadja) / CC BY 3.0

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