Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Robert Harrison on Jimi Hendrix

Looks like Jimi Hendrix is on the charts again. This is only interesting because, uh, I guess charts are still a thing in music. But it's really a pretext for me to turn you on to the show Entitled Opinions, if you've never heard it. This is an intellectual talk show based at Stanford University, and broadcast on KZSU. It's been a big inspiration to me in doing both the Interpletary Music and Anarchy & Culture podcasts. Here's a monologue on Jimi Hendrix by host Robert Harrison. There's also been great shows on Heidegger, Wallace Stevens, Nietzsche, Dante (Harrison is a Dante scholar), Kurt Weill, Freud, the Unabomber, Jesus, and a shit-ton more.

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