Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Meek Shall Inhe(a)rit a New World

As a space-cadet/listener, you may have wondered at some point, "What is that crazy music he plays during the boring parts when he talks?" Well, it's by a band called the Tornados, the English instrumental band responsible for everybody's favorite retro-futurist pop hit "Telstar," (come on, it's been on Mad Men already, so it's now become canonical early 60's culture), not to be confused with the Californian surf band  the Tornadoes whose "Bustin' Surfboards," served as Jules and Vincent's exit music from that diner at the end of Pulp Fiction. The song is called "Jungle Fever," and it was produced by the infamous Joe Meek, who was a sort of British Phil Spector, except a paranoid gay occultist instead of a paranoid gun-toting psycho. There's been a documentary on Meek in the works for years now, and if you've got a few extra ducats lying around you can become a financier of this worthy project! To tide you over until then, I found this BBC doc. It's interesting, but doesn't delve much into the occult stuff, nor to my mind does it feature some of Meek's best music ("Jungle Fever," for instance.)

Or these fine tunes:

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